March 24, 2020  | Updated: May 13, 2020

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The coronavirus pandemic is reshaping people’s daily lives, and its effects on the health care industry as well as those impacted by this crisis is a primary concern for Intiva Health.

As everyone focuses on how to assist their families, friends, colleagues and their community as a whole, Intiva Health is taking steps to provide the best possible services for our clients as well as our own team members.

Here’s what we’re doing:

  • Like everyone, we’ve accommodated remote working and social distancing policies. Our team is able to remotely work and collaborate seamlessly with video and voice conferencing.
  • For our physician user base, we enabled an interactive dashboard within the Ready Doc™ software for users to track the number of confirmed Coronavirus cases as well as their location across the world.
  • We also began offering providers a new enhanced continuing medical education course, Identification and Containment of the Coronavirus: COVID-19, as part of our response to the outbreak.
  • We are offering our new premium features that we recently added to the Ready Doc platform at no cost for 60 days. These features will help alleviate overwhelmed health care facilities with automated credentialing and enrollment features as well as HIPAA-compliant communication options.
  • We created a guide for health care workers focusing on how they can protect themselves caring for patients and the proper way to wear and remove personal protective equipment.
  • We outlined many of the hurdles health care facilities are facing due to the coronavirus pandemic

As we continue to identify opportunities to provide help and support to the health care system fighting coronavirus we will act swiftly and effectively.

At Intiva Health, we pride ourselves on being able to create efficiencies within health care that would be otherwise “unattainable.” That’s why we have always offered our Ready Doc™ credentialing platform for free for any facility and will continue to do so. We believe that health care dollars should be directed toward patient care, not administrative burdens. We are doing our part to make sure hospitals are able to use their funds for patients, their care, and their caregivers.

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