May 9, 2018

Category: Intiva Health

Intiva Health is honored and excited to announce that they have been invited to the World Tokenomic Forum Summit, they have been chosen as 1 of 16 prestigious finalists competing in the Sandcastle Startups Challenge this month in Grand Cayman.

The forum has officially narrowed down the finalists from over 100 global participants, who represent blockchain companies seeking to improve their respective industries — from infrastructure to identity, payments, cyber-security, social impact, and more.

The World Tokenomic Forum is the foremost international organization calling for increased transparency and efficiency as the world shifts to a new token economy. The forum meets annually at the World Tokenomic Forum Summit so that the world’s top startups in the field can network, celebrate, invest, and speak about their company to leaders in government, cryptocurrency, technology, and capital markets.

The Sandcastle Startups Challenge is held during the Summit and began its hunt for technologies to compete on January 9th, 2018 during CES 2018 and completed their search following its BlokHaus event in Austin, Texas March 15th.“Membership to this consortium is highly selective and invitation-only with peer review.

It spans 20 countries at present with 150 openings for 2018” according to the World Tokenomic Forum. During the challenge, the final 16 startups will go head to head in a pitch battle.The 16 finalists include Clear Foundation,, Vertalo,, True Reply, Intiva Health, Datum, Centareum, Smart Oil Consortium,, Databroker DAO, Fan Token,, Mobile Bridge Momentum, rLoop, and Cryptyk.

For Intiva Health, this spot is well deserved. The first to create a tokenized economy specifically for medical professionals, Intiva Health has released a cryptocurrency called Intiva Token — or NTVA for short, as they are working towards being the first to tokenize the medical economy.

Intiva Health seeks to save the healthcare industry billions of dollars due to current inefficiencies in the credentialing process, while simultaneously increasing the quality and transparency of care for patients around the world. Many coins have been praised for their ability to increase transparency when it comes to politics, supply-chain logistics, infrastructure, and sustainability. With NTVA, healthcare can be added to the list.

Interest in the cryptocurrency market has grown tremendously over the past couple of years, with more capital flowing in daily from every continent. In addition, there are major politicians and entrepreneurs who have thrown their full support behind cryptocurrency and its possibilities, such as Tim Draper, one of the most highly-respected Silicon Valley tech investors and the WinkleVoss twins who are best known for their settlement against Facebook creator Mark Zuckerberg where they used some of that money to become early investors in Bitcoin.

Cryptocurrency is a global market and Intiva Health is at the forefront of incorporating this new currency into the healthcare industry.

Healthcare is an industry that affects people everywhere, and tokenizing it has global implications. That is why NTVA is so important in helping to protect both doctors and patients, as well as increasing the efficiency of transactions and payments — areas that have plagued healthcare for decades. Intiva Health will use the World Tokenomic Forum Summit as an opportunity to explain how useful the token can be to the future of healthcare.