July 20, 2017  | Updated: May 12, 2020

Category: Continuing Education

If you received an audit notice from your state’s governing or specialty board, would you meet 100 percent compliance of your continuing education requirements? You might have your online course requirements satisfied but what about your conference hours requirements?

Countless fines and license suspensions are issued every year for healthcare professionals. Even if the courses were completed, certificates were lost in the shuffle or the issuing board didn’t respond fast enough to avoid suspension of license. Some states even fine thousands of dollars to repeat offenders. Ouch. So what can be done to take your mind off of this glaring issue? Your time is precious, and you already spend enough of it away from patients.


We know your compliance pain points

e created Intiva Health so health care professionals can remain up-to-date and worry-free. That’s why we have partnered with AKH, a leader in the continuing education space, to bring you fresh and relevant content, updated monthly. Once you complete a course, you can easily upload that document to your Intiva Safe.

so you are ready for your next credentialing event or an audit. Easily send all of your CEs through our application, and last but not least, tell us your state or specialty board CE requirements, and we’ll track your progress, all free of charge.


A platform built by experienced health care administrators

We come from decades of experience in healthcare administration and know very well the pain points that medical providers and administrators face. Our desire is to build a platform solution to provide every tool and resource you need to remove the administration burdens of healthcare.