Credentialing resources for medical administrators

Provider credentialing checklist

Use our checklist to keep track of your credentialing progress. You can print it out and check it off by hand or edit a copy of the PDF digitally!
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Medical credentialing savings calculator

Ready DocTM can help your facility save millions each year. Try our easy-to-use credentialing calculator below to see how much you can save your facility.

3 (avg)
$2.4M (avg)

Yearly savings with Intiva

Total yearly physician-generated revenue after credentialing cost

Avg yearly physician revenue derived from Merritt Hawkins revenue survey

Credentialing Best Practices

We held a credentialing discussion with four industry experts on the ins and outs of health care credentialing. Our speakers shared some of their tricks of the trade on how you can avoid dreading expiration dates and overcome the stress that can come with managing providers.

Whitepaper: Stay HIPAA Compliant in the Digital Age

This whitepaper covers how your facility can stay HIPPA compliant in the digital age. Ready Doc Messaging can help keep your facility HIPPA compliant.
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Whitepaper: Credentialing methods, management, and cost

Check out our latest white paper on credentialing for 2020. It covers the responsibilities, costs, confidence levels, and time management requirements that health care facility workers experience with respect to provider credentialing.
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Whitepaper: Provider Credentialing vs Provider Enrollment

This white paper is an overview of the required credentialing process that a medical provider must complete and how it is distinct from the enrollment procedure that facilitates eligibility to accept patients.
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Research on Credentialing

Both physicians and facility staff spend a combined 20+ hours submitting and verifying credentialing documents.  Any errors, missing forms, or slow replies to verification requests can add weeks or even months to the process. Then consider the fact that this needs to be re-done every two years, plus all the continuing education requirements. All the time spent waiting on credentialing is precious time that is lost elsewhere.

Now imagine what would happen if provider credentialing could be done much quicker and easier. To answer that question, we created an infographic to explain exactly how this would improve healthcare in America.

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