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We are redefining the provider credentialing process by creating a Hashgraph-based solution — cutting months’ worth of processing time to a matter of seconds.

Reinvent medical credentialing

Current inefficiencies cost billions

Credentialing verification is analog and complex, costing the industry upwards of $56 billion to verify document authenticity with issuers and previous employers.

Countless hours of patient care lost

Medical providers undergo this arduous process every time they move or take on temporary work in a new facility.

Healthcare professionals are stifled

Not only is this a centralized, error-prone process, but it can take weeks or even months to finish, keeping medical professionals out of work during the interim.

Provider credentialing is outdated

Provider credentialing are centrally stored, at times only physically, opening the floor to bad actors and falsification, or tampering of, documents.

Utilizing Hashgraph technology

50,000 times faster than blockchain, Hashgraph consensus algorithm offers a virtually unparalleled standard of security and speed.  Timestamped.  DDoS resistant.  Asynchronous Byzantine fault tolerant.

provider credentialing services

How Ready Doc™ works

Providers upload documents to a permissive ledger that will securely store all of their private information, increasing the speed and ease of managing and sharing their credentials.

A unique timestamp generated with each new update keeps credentials in constant self-auditing, so that providers can quickly submit verified documents for board review and start work sooner.

Provider credentials continually build provenance every time they are shared and verified through Ready DocTM, strengthening their authenticity towards continual instant verification.

Medical credentialing process

Ready DocTM will redefine medical credentialing, allowing physicians to quickly take on new positions and easily take on temporary work, such as providing disaster relief and assisting unique patient cases. Granting of privileges will be as simple as providers just sharing their credential packet with any medical group or facility. Intiva sets the new standard of healthcare identity, reputation, and credential verification.

Our tokenized platform incentives users

We’ve created the first token for healthcare professionals, serving the medical industry and incentivizing users within the Intiva Health network. Each time providers take action on our platform, tokens are added to their individual wallet. There are 24 total token-generating actions.


The benefits of Intiva Token™

Intiva Token™ (TIVA) rewards users for taking actions on our platform, providing them new ways to purchase services through our marketplace. TIVA will also generate a trail of transactional data points, offering the industry valuable information that our users can own and monetize. TIVA can also be leveraged by our partners to fund and organize non-profit initiatives for the healthcare industry.

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