Emergency privileging, credentials and instant messaging for front-line health care workers.


Rapid Response

Here in the new normal, it’s not OK for providers to be sitting on the sidelines waiting to be credentialed. It’s unacceptable to have communications issues in the field. Make sure your team is ready to save lives, not standing in line.



Available Everywhere

Ready Doc extends the reach of healthcare providers beyond their home base. In times of emergency, providers can travel immediately to the scene. Providers can access digital credentials and message colleagues on the way, while on-site, and anytime in between.

Instant Communication

Providing care during an emergency requires instant communication with a distributed network of caregivers, support personnel and more. Ready Doc Messaging gives providers voice, video and instant messaging, along with file sharing and collaboration tools from their mobile device.

Quick and Effective

In the real world, things move fast, and time is precious. Providers flash their mobile device to the appropriate authorities to verify their identity. Every document is available for verification instantly with a click or a swipe.

Secure and Risk-Free

When things are hectic and the pressure is on, details can get lost in the mix. But at times like these, it’s even more important to be diligent in ensuring that provider’s credentials are valid. With Ready Doc, verification is quick and easy and backed by the security of Distributed Ledger Technology. And instant messages and other communications that contain private patient data are protected by our HIPAA-compliant messaging system.

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