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Hospital Grade Disinfectants from Goldshield

Water-based hospital grade disinfectant that uses unique molecular bonding technology to
protect against bacteria, disease causing germs, and infection outbreaks.

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Intiva Health has partnered with Goldshield to be the exclusive distributor to the healthcare industry in the Western hemisphere. Goldshield is the world’s only patented silicon-based chemical that has been fully stabilized in water.

How Goldshield works

Goldshield uses a technology that not only cleans and disinfects any surface but also protects it from microbes that land on the treated surface once it is dry.

Goldshield technology

The unique antimicrobial barrier technology of Goldshield provides unrivaled cleaning and disinfection capabilities in the fight against daily contamination and potential infectious outbreaks.

Why use Goldshield

Goldshield is a biocidal product capable of being used on hard and soft surfaces that provides durable antimicrobial mono-molecular layer protecting the surface for extended periods.

Get your shield on!

Using Goldshield will provide your patients, visitors, and staff with “peace of mind” that your healthcare facility is not just visibly clean but microbiologically clean as well thereby providing a safer environment for your patients, visitors, and staff.