Healthcare administration is outdated

  1. Doctors spend 8.7 hours/week on non-clinical paperwork; results in $53 billion/year lost in the noise1
  2. Hospitals wait weeks to months for credential verification; equates to $100s of billions in lost revenue every year2

Intiva's Solution

  1. First all-in-one career management platform for doctors & nurses
  2. First decentralized (DLT) ecosystem incentivizing sharing between healthcare systems
  3. Shortens credentialing process from months to seconds
  4. Captive audience with monetization opportunities
Invest in Healthcare's Future

2018 At-A-Glance

  1. Three-year exclusive contract with American Heart & American Stroke Association (1.9 million members)
  2. Tens of thousands of licensed medical professionals using the platform
  3. Winner of World Tokenomic Forum 2018 Sandcastle Startup Challenge (137 companies from 17 countries)
  4. First proprietary Hashgraph DLT enterprise solution
  5. First cryptocurrency tokenized healthcare ecosystem

Market Size

Healthcare & Beyond

  • The Intiva platform is architected for the complex professional/administrator relationships in healthcare
  • It can also address the same needs in other industries
  • Intiva is launching a pilot program with the Nebraska Department of Education introducing the platform to new verticals

Marquee Partners

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Invest in Healthcare's Future

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