Speed up credentialing from months to minutes with Ready Doc™—the first and only hashgraph-based credential management solution.


Benefits of credentialing with Ready Doc

Earn lost income

Credentialing can take anywhere from a few weeks to six months, losing health professionals between $25,000 and $150,000 in income. Ready Doc speeds up credentialing to mere minutes, giving you that money back so you can live the life you want to live.

Get to work sooner

You didn’t get into medicine to sit around twiddling your thumbs. You got into it to help people. Ready Doc lets you do that, expediting the credentialing process so you can see patients sooner. Don’t let your education go to waste. Start saving lives now.

Spend more time with patients

Faster credentialing puts one more doctor or nurse on the floor, which leads to patients spending less time in waiting rooms. This gives you more time with each patient, which could lead to better overall patient care.

Reduce burnout

Since faster credentialing lets you have more time and resources for patient care, you won’t feel as rushed when you’re seeing patients. This would likely reduce burnout, something a majority of healthcare professionals experience. Imagine the relief.

How Ready DocTM Works

Upload your credentials to the Ready Doc platform, allowing facility staff, managers, and CVOs to review and share these documents.

Your credentials are verified by your facility.

A unique timestamp is generated each time you upload a document, using what’s called a consensus algorithm. What this does is ensure these documents aren’t altered, allowing your credentials to only have to be verified one time. This makes instant verification possible for each subsequent practice you work for.

Features of Ready Doc

DLT-based credentialing

With Ready Doc’s hashgraph distributed ledger technology (DLT), you can speed up credentialing from months to minutes. Here’s how it works. Once a credentialing document is uploaded, a unique date and timestamp is generated using a consensus algorithm. This ensures you have the most up-to-date, unaltered document possible, so nothing ever has to be re-verified. There’s no solution on the market that’s safer or faster.

Automatic expiration reminders

Get automatic email reminders of credentials expiring at whatever timeframe you want to receive them (30, 60, 90, or 120 days before). This ensures you stay compliant. Plus, if your credentials expire, any mistake you make at your facility during this time is not covered by malpractice insurance. With Ready Doc, you don’t have to worry about this happening. Complete peace of mind.

Credential packaging

Easily send your credentials to facilities with credential packaging. The way it works is you’ll manage your credentials individually within the platform itself and then select which ones you want to put into a folder to be sent out. This is truly a time-and-hassle saver.

Frequently asked questions

What is medical credentialing?

Medical credentialing is a process in which medical facilities and groups review licensed health professionals’ qualifications to ensure you have the required experience and training to safely and effectively practice medicine. These qualifications include licenses, specialty certificates, education, residency, and other training. This process must be completed each and every time you start at a new practice or moves states. Following this, you must complete payor enrollment so you can enroll with insurance plans and be granted privileges to perform specific procedures. Then and only then can you finally start work.

How long does it take to get credentialed?

The amount of time it takes to get credentialed can greatly vary. It depends on: if you turn in all the necessary paperwork in a timely manner; your application’s information is accurate and complete; your references swiftly respond to verification requests; and when the deciding board is available to meet. If not a single one of these things is delayed, credentialing can be done within weeks. If any of these things are delayed, credentialing can take up to six months. With Ready Doc, though, the entire credentialing process can be done in a matter of minutes, thanks to hashgraph technology allowing documents to only have to be verified one time—which eliminated a redundancy that costs you months of lost income.

Does Intiva Health offer credentialing?

No. We’re not a CVO (Credential Verification Organization). Much like CAQH (Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare), we’re a useful tool you can use during the credentialing process, but we don’t actually offer credentialing. Instead we’re a credential management platform that lets you manage, organize, and share your credentials in a swift, secure way.

How is credential management different from credentialing?

Credential management, which is what Intiva Health offers, helps make the credentialing process easier. We give you a central place to upload, manage, organize, and share credential documents to speed up verification from months to minutes. Credentialing is merely the process we’re helping you with, but we don’t actually do it for you like a CVO would. This is actually better, though, because it allows you to have control over the credentialing process while letting us keep our services completely free.

How much does Ready Doc cost?

Nothing. Ready Doc is 100% free for both you and your facility. It will always be free, too, which sets us apart from other credential management platforms.

Does Intiva Health offer provider enrollment for insurance plans?

Not at this time. We have relationships with payers, though, and are in the process of looking into developing this capability in the future.