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Continuing Medical Education Integrated in Unique Credentialing Software

Published: August 18, 2022

AUSTIN, Texas—Intiva Health, a technology-based healthcare company, is simplifying workflows for medical facility administrators and their providers with its unique medical credentialing software known as Ready Doc™.

Medical credentialing is a complex process which can create additional administrative burden for an industry which is stretched thin as it is—making an all-in-one SaaS platform ideal to prevent workplace burnout, improve patient care, and maintain regulatory compliance.

There are several moving pieces in the credentialing process—such as medical licensure renewal—which is dependent upon a healthcare professional meeting continuing medical education (CME) requirements mandated by the state where they practice medicine.

Ready Doc™ has a catalog containing hundreds of CME courses accredited by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education (ACCME). The ACCME is the premier accreditation organization for continuing medical education courses.

Their accreditation ensures that CME programs meet high standards of relevance, effectiveness and independence for healthcare professionals. Consequently, these accredited courses make Ready Doc™ a one-stop-shop software which serves needs of facility administrators and healthcare providers alike.

When a healthcare professional logs into Ready Doc™, their dashboard is configured specifically for their needs. They are able to work in tandem with facility administrators to upload or update their credentials, view their privileges, and complete CME courses to maintain compliance and expand their career tool bag. When a medical facility administrator logs into Ready Doc™, they also have a dashboard configured to their needs and consequently can ensure the providers in their roster have the course credits needed to maintain licensure. In the event a healthcare provider isn’t up to date with CME or CEU requirements, an alert can be sent with a single click.

Aside from fulfilling compliance needs and easing administrative workflows, CME courses on Ready Doc™ improves patient care and benefits healthcare providers for the growth of their professional career. Furthering one’s education, especially in an ever-changing industry such as healthcare, demonstrates a proactive personality–a trait that many employers recognize and highlight as extremely positive.

Additionally, healthcare providers who continue their education are more capable of effectively managing their care teams and addressing workplace challenges on a daily basis.

Through integrating solutions for healthcare providers and healthcare administrators together in a single platform, Ready Doc™ helps medical facilities of all types and sizes save time, save money, reduce risk, and improve patient care delivery.