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June 25, 2018  | Updated: May 13, 2020

Category: Blockchain

Our recent trip to Hong Kong and the success of our Healthcare Meets Blockchain as we head into the final round of our token sale.

Community updates, what we’ve been up to:

Our team recently visited Hong Kong, where we met with enthusiastic investors and a growing interest in our company’s mission. As we wind down the final round of our token sale, we’ve begun to shift focus towards our international community. As you know, our ultimate mission is to improve healthcare at a global scale, and we’ve begun to take the steps to get there.

On June 19, we hosted our first Hong Kong event to a full crowd. Our guests were treated to an open bar, plenty of food, and a full night of networking. We also had the pleasure of hosting a full panel of industry leaders like Dr. Lawrence Ma, President of Hong Kong Blockchain Society, Jon Chang, Co-Founder of Asia Microbiota Bank, Cadmon Lim, CEO of GemVCare and our very own EVP, John Hartigan.

Our Hong Kong Event: Healthcare Meets Blockchain

Additionally, we discussed our platform, our upcoming hashgraph integration, our recent partnership with American Heart Association, and our company’s goal to change healthcare. Special thanks go out to our event partners at Metta, Asia Healthtech Network, Headera Hashgraph and the Hong Kong Blockchain Association.

Our hashgraph-powered credentialing solution is set for BETA soon, and is already available for demo. And while we didn’t get a chance to showcase our demo, this is just the first of many events as we seek to eventually move our innovative platform across all professional verticals. It’s been a big year at Intiva Health, and we’ve got a lot more planned for the rest of the year.