Access hundreds of free CME / CEU courses for nurses and physicians—on any device. Simply filter by accreditation, state, and profession to quickly find what you’re looking for.


What Intiva Health offers

Intiva Health partners with the American Heart Association, National Osteoporosis Foundation, and many other clinical thought leaders to offer:

  • Hundreds of free ACCME-accredited courses—many of which are AMA PRA Category 1™
  • A range of courses accredited by AANP and ANCC, providing the highest accreditation
  • Board preparation, state-required courses, and MOCs—80% of which are free
  • Accessibility on any device and format, including video, audio, and journals
  • The ability to earn and track activities and certificates

Benefits of Intiva Health

  • Take courses whenever, wherever, and however you want
  • Get the highest quality online medical education for free
  • Enjoy a user-friendly, secure learning management system
  • Store all of your certificates and activities in one place
  • Fulfill your CME requirements for the year


CME / CEU for facilities and medical groups

Make sure your providers are on top of their continuing medical education requirements by getting them set up with Intiva Health.

We’re one of the fastest growing online CE resources being adopted by facilities and professionals nationwide. Our courses provide the highest level of accreditation for nurses and physicians, so you don’t have to just take someone’s word for it or go through the exhausting process of verifying the validity and quality of each course. You can rest easy knowing your providers are receiving only the best. Setup is quick, easy, and free.

Frequently asked questions

What is CME / CEU?

CME stands for continuing medical education, and CEU stands for continuing education unit. Though the two terms are sometimes used interchangeably, CEUs typically apply to nurse and CMEs typically apply to physicians.

Which CME courses does Intiva Health offer?

Intiva Health offers hundreds of ACCME-accredited CME / CEU courses to over 20,000 medical groups and professionals. These courses cover cardiology, endocrinology, gastroenterology, infectious disease, neurology, oncology, orthopedics, pain management, pediatrics, pharmacology, psychiatry, critical care, surgery, perinatal, professional enhancement, and more. Many of these courses are AMA PRA Category 1™, with a broad range also being accredited by AANP (American Association of Nurse Practitioners) and ANCC (American Nurses Credentialing Center). On top of that, Intiva Health provides board preparation and Maintenance of Certification (MOC), with a platform that makes it easy to filter courses by profession, provider, and topic.

How much do CME courses cost?

The majority of courses on the Intiva Health platform are offered for free. Other courses range from $10 to $110, with the large majority being under $40. Prices are determined by Intiva Health’s partners and are based on a number of factors, which include course load and credits. Thankfully, employers often cover the costs, since these courses are required to work there. Some employers even provide paid time off in order to complete these requirements.

Who needs CE credits?

Physicians, nurses, and allied health professionals (including medical assistants) have CME or CEU requirements ranging from 15-50 credits a year. Requirements vary by license, certification, and state. These professionals may not be able to practice if they don’t earn these credits in time.

Why are CME / CEU courses required?

Continuing medical education is a requirement most healthcare professionals must complete every 1-2 years to maintain certification or licensure. Credits can be earned by taking classes or workshops, watching lectures, attending seminars or conferences, or even reading certain books, but Intiva Health conveniently offers them online. The reason CME is necessary is to remain medically competent and stay up-to-date on new and developing areas in the field.

What is the process of taking CME courses?

Each professional must look at their CE requirements and decide how to fulfill them. Some states may require taking courses in specific subjects and earning a certain amount of AMA PRA Category 1™ credits, which are given to high-quality courses that are independent of commercial bias. Many of these classes can be completed online. Upon completion, each student receives a set of instructions on how to apply for CME credit and receive their certification of completion.

How are CME courses developed and distributed?

A variety of organizations receive grants to develop CME courses, including professional associations, hospitals, colleges, and education agencies. To be approved, they must meet ACCME (American Council for Continuing Medical Education) standards of being “relevant, practice-based, effective, and independent of commercial influence.” Once approved, the course is either distributed by the same organization that created it or an outside company. When outsourced, the distributor often receives a share of revenue earned from each course. In either case, ACCME verifies that the course content is free of commercial bias.

Who produces CME courses?

Intiva Health partners with many organizations who produce the courses. These include American Heart Association, National Osteoporosis Foundation, Perinatal Resources, PeaceHealth, and AKH (Advancing Knowledge in Healthcare). Our partners also sometimes work with other excellent organizations that help produce these courses, such as Physician’s Weekly.

How are courses on the Intiva Health platform delivered?

Courses on the Intiva Health platform are available on any device, from smart phones to desktop computers. Individual lessons are delivered in multiple formats, including video, audio, and journals. This is all done in a secure, user-friendly learning management system.

What sets Intiva Health apart from other CME & CEU providers?

Unlike other CME providers, Intiva Health is a career management platform. This means after completing a CE course, healthcare professionals will have their certificate of competition for that course deposited right into their Ready Doc—which is a digital safe that stores all of their career credentials. This is especially helpful if they work at multiple hospitals (as many do), since it puts all of these necessary documents in one spot, making it so no one has to track down and send multiple documents to various places. Other CME providers don’t provide that.