COMING SOON! The Next Generation of Ready Doc™
April 9, 2020  | Updated: May 13, 2020

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The mobile version of Ready Doc™ Messaging is now available on Google Play® for Android devices.

desktop version has been available for use by care teams of any size since mid-March and it became available on the App Store® for iOS devices last week.

Ready Doc Messaging is a secure, encrypted application that protects patient information and meets HIPAA guidelines. Users are able to manage digital protected health information (PHI) correspondence and streamline care team coordination via one accessible, user-friendly platform.

Ready Doc Messaging offers a key feature set including:

  • Secure Messaging: Messages are kept private with a fully encrypted, end-to-end, secure communication solution.
  • Priority Messaging: High priority messages stay at the top of the recipient’s inbox and specify a unique alert for instant differentiation.
  • Message Forwarding: Messages can be forwarded to other colleagues with ease.
  • Custom Groups: Customizable forum type discussions can be created for open and ongoing dialogue between colleagues and specific topics.
  • Delivery Confirmation: Receive notifications instantly when messages have been sent. Check read status and more.
  • Message Recall: Recall messages and attachments before they have been read.
  • Secure Attachments: Securely attach and share instantly any type of media.

Common industry practices, such as the use of short messaging services (SMS) or personal electronic devices to transmit PHI, opens the door for deficiencies in HIPAA compliance resulting in enormous monetary penalties for health care systems.

Monetary penalties aside, effective, efficient, and accurate communication is crucial for patient safety. Having a secure messaging tool that meets industry compliance regulations is especially important given the current climate. There is a new heightened sense of urgency in the health care community when it comes to communication in our COVID-19 environment; either regarding a patient or remaining up to date with policy and procedures dealing with the coronavirus pandemic.

Care team collaboration is essential in any medical facility setting and clinical practice involves instances where information must be accurately communicated. When health care professionals are not communicating effectively, patient safety is at risk for several reasons: lack of critical information, misinterpretation of information, unclear orders over the telephone, and overlooked changes in status.

Miscommunication or delayed time sensitive information can have significant consequences for patients and increase the possibility of medical errors to occur. Patient care team collaboration is pivotal in urgent situations when a patient’s life is on the line. According to the Joint Commission, if medical errors appeared on the National Center for Health Statistic’s list of the Top 10 causes of death in the United States, they would rank No. 5.

Executive orders from all levels of government combined with orders from health care administration in facilities that are communicated ineffectively can cause tremendous frustration to all types of licensed medical providers. Providers need to be able to communicate in real time to care team members when time is of the essence.

Ready Doc Messaging can facilitate these communications in a rapidly changing environment, equipping providers with a useful tool to effectively communicate, improve care team collaboration, and streamline clinical workflow while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

Health care organizations must address security requirements for electronic devices on which PHI is transmitted and received. In many health care systems, devices used for short messaging services (SMS) are personally owned by medical staff. During routine patient care, electronic PHI such as patient names, room numbers, and medical record numbers are often included in SMS texts. Since the devices used to send the text messages are often not owned, configured, or managed by the facility there are a host of security risks such as password requirements, screen locks, and data storage. If a provider loses their cell phone, a device gets stolen, or a doctor texts PHI on their personal electronic device, a violation of HIPAA compliance occurs.

Intiva Health understands that to provide the best patient care, those on the front line need to be equipped with resources that will provide real time care team coordination and improved patient outcomes. To help those on the front line against the novel Coronavirus and save resources for health care facilities, Intiva Health is providing Ready Doc Messaging at no cost for 60 days.

Ready Doc Messaging is one of the many features of the Ready Doc credentialing platform. Ready Doc was born out of years of experience in health care administration and practice management. The platform aims to directly address the inefficiencies in health care credentialing. The platform presents an all-in-one solution in which medical professionals can complete credentialing and compliance requirements, leading to a significant increase in earnings potential.

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