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Whitepapers for Healthcare Professionals

Intiva Health knows that the health care industry faces dilemmas in a variety of sectors and different areas of the workforce. Issues faced by physicians are different than those of administrators, members of the C-Suite encounter other problems than those who manage credentials, and urban and rural facilities have their unique hurdles they face. However, Ready Doc™ can address a variety of health care headaches tailored for those that need a solution. Check out our white papers and see how you can be ready for whatever comes your way.

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Whitepaper: Stay HIPAA Compliant in the Digital Age

This whitepaper covers how your facility can stay HIPPA compliant in the digital age. Ready Doc Messaging can help keep your facility HIPPA compliant.
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Whitepaper: Credentialing methods, management, and cost

Check out our latest white paper on credentialing for 2020. It covers the responsibilities, costs, confidence levels, and time management requirements that health care facility workers experience with respect to provider credentialing.
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Whitepaper: Provider Credentialing vs Provider Enrollment

This white paper is an overview of the required credentialing process that a medical provider must complete and how it is distinct from the enrollment procedure that facilitates eligibility to accept patients.
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Whitepaper: Health Care Hurdles Across Rural America

This whitepaper covers the symptoms and solutions
for health care in rural America.

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