HIPAA Breach Insurance

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Get up to 10 million in coverage in just two minutes

We’ve partnered with Lloyd’s of London to bring an entire quote and binding service online. Intiva Health offers the market’s most affordable cyber insurance, starting at $250,000 in coverage for as little as $250.

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What your coverage includes

Fines, penalties & legal

We’ll provide coverage for legal defense, insuring you against regulatory claims and any fines and penalties that result from an alleged data breach.

Security breach response

Get reimbursed for the costs of a security breach. Be it hiring PR agents to protect your brand or credit monitoring for affected parties.

Privacy liability coverage

More than the average policy, we protect your rights to privacy and cover everything from corporate data risk to business interruption, cyber extortion, and more.

Property damage & business interruption

Assure coverage for lost earnings and expenses from a security compromise, restoration of disrupted digital assets, and computer systems, for both personal and third-party systems.

24-hour support line

Get round-the-clock assistance from privacy law firm experts on data breach events, incident reports, or notice of claims.