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How to Stay HIPAA Compliant In The Digital Age:

The accelerated advancement of technology is rapidly shaping the way people communicate in their daily lives and conduct business across all industry sectors, especially healthcare. The digital age has created an expectation of immediacy in data delivery and interpersonal communication. While technology has undeniably enabled rapid access and real-time feedback, these developments can also have serious consequences on health care compliance. There are two primary challenges that health care facilities must overcome to maintain compliance and mitigate risk.

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What this whitepaper covers

– History of HIPAA


– Health care communication technology & HIPAA compliance


– Health care Cybersecurity and HIPAA Compliance


– Impact of Data Breaches on Health Care Systems, Individuals


– Intiva Health HIPAA Breach Insurance Marketplace


Ready Doc™ Messaging

Ready Doc™ Messaging lets you access and share patient records, submit lab orders, and connect with other providers worry-free of any HIPAA violations. The platform helps you save time and improve communication efficiency by alleviating multiple phone calls, unanswered texts, and disruption to patients and care team members.

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