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February 27, 2020  | Updated: May 13, 2020

Category: Credentialing


  • Discussion focused on credentialing best practices
  • Questions involved staffing, handling providers, new learning curves

Intiva Health hosted a roundtable discussion where industry workers, both veterans and newcomers, chimed in on how to tackle the medical credentialing beast.

The discussion was led by credentialing experts from different fields of work.

The topics discussed included best practices for credentialing, how to handle the credentialing process for multiple providers, best practices for gathering and inputting practitioner data, and how to handle credentialing without any prior experience.

While panelists led the discussion and offered their tips and tricks, attendees asked questions and shared their own advice amongst themselves.

Listen to the full roundtable and get the answers to the questions below on our website.

Top Questions

  • What do you do when a previous employer refuses to give verification?
  • Any suggestions to transferring to a paperless system? My office is struggling with committing to going paperless.
  • Do you use a specific software or online program to stay organized?
  • When hiring new credentialing staff, any tips for identifying the best?
  • How do you deal with Locum Agencies and getting all the information you need in a timely manner?

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