COMING SOON! The Next Generation of Ready Doc™
January 15, 2020  | Updated: June 26, 2020

Category: Credentialing, Intiva Health


  • New features coming in February and March
  • More tools to mitigate compliance risk management
  • More tools for data management

Users of Intiva Health’s Ready Doc™ software will see several exciting new features in the coming months.

The free credential management software already expedites the process from months to minutes, saving healthcare facilities hundreds of thousands of dollars a year on average. Soon, users will be able to enjoy more features that make the process more seamless and ensure compliance.

Expected to be available to users in mid-February:

  • CAQH monitoring: Allows for tracking re-attestation dates with reports and alerts when it is time to verify the accuracy of a provider’s information.
  • Office of Inspector General search capability expansion: Includes the National Provider Identifier (NPI) number for increased accuracy of a name match.

Expected to be available to desktop users in mid-February and all other platforms in late-March:

  • Secure messaging application: Provides HIPAA-compliant communication between medical facilities.
  • Customized templates: Automatically populates with provider data.
  • Electronic signature: Users will have the ability to compose any document which can be finalized with an electronic signature.

This new version of Ready Doc™ furthers Intiva Health’s mission to re-invent health care credential management.

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