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Vigil by Intiva Health Establishes New Healthcare Career Transparency Standard

Published: April 15, 2021

The revolutionary medical smartphone app, Vigil, provides essential career solutions for healthcare professionals that remained nonexistent until now.

The healthcare heroes that dedicate their life to saving others face endless regulatory hurdles—impeding the important process of verifying their identity and qualifications when they are needed most.

Vigil generates an immutable digital badge encompassing a healthcare professional’s identity, qualifications, reputation, and scope of practice. Using National Practitioner Data Bank (NPDB) integration, the data is indisputable.

The app enables licensed medical professionals to confirm their qualifications to provide healthcare anytime, anywhere. Whether it is arriving at the scene of a national disaster, on-board an airplane at 35,000 ft. in the air, or at a new hospital where they are needed most.

“While imperative for patient safety, validating the identity of a healthcare professional was a complex process until now. Vigil removes any doubt concerning who they are or their ability to do their job,” said Alexander Candelario, Intiva Health president and CEO.

Vigil’s innovative, customizable features are designed to be used throughout a career from residency until retirement. All information is easily accessible with a unique, QR Code. Additionally, the user can rest easy with continuous exclusion status monitoring.

Career Tools:

  • Immutable digital badge with NPI, medical license, state ID, and photo
  • Continuous career monitoring and alerts for federal and state exclusion lists
  • Ability to curate and dispute patient and peer reviews

“Keeping track of my various license numbers and providing proof of my credentials over the years became quite the hassle. At the same time, with the prevalence of unvetted websites, providers are not able to respond or dispute statements that can impact their reputation. Vigil provides a one-stop-shop solution for the fundamentals of a physician’s reputation and career obligations,” said Dr. Ayan Monpara, Intiva Health Chief Medical Officer.

Download it now on the App Store for iOS devices and Google Play for Android devices and learn more on the Vigil Website.