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February 12, 2020  | Updated: May 13, 2020

Category: Credentialing


  • Respective purposes differ
  • Common for health care workers to confuse the processes
  • Both procedures have an underlying co-dependency
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Provider credentialing and provider enrollment are two essential processes that must be completed in order for a health care provider to begin working in the industry and receive reimbursement payments from a health insurance plan.

While they are similar in that each process can be considered a form of accreditation, their respective purposes differ.

Nevertheless, it is common for workers in the health care industry to either confuse the two courses of action or be unaware of their differences. Both processes are fundamental functions of the health care industry.

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Therefore, it is important to understand the distinctions with respect to how each procedure plays a role in authorizing a health care worker to begin their duties.

While the processes are separate, their underlying co-dependency showcases a compelling argument to consider a single platform that accomplishes both tasks and eliminates the redundancy of manually collecting and inputting practitioner data into a multitude of documents.

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