Speed up your provider credentialing process from months to minutes with Ready Doc™ — the first and only hashgraph-based credential management solution.


Ready Doc credentialing services

Earn lost revenue

In the time it takes to credential physicians, facilities lose all the money these providers would be earning them. That’s up to $1,189,363 a provider in lost revenue. Let us help you get that money back.

Save time

The credentialing process takes up to 20 hours of administrative work per provider. Cut that time down with instant credential verification, expiration reminders (goodbye spreadsheets!), and storage of important credential documents.

Save money

It costs a lot of money to credential a provider. By using Ready Doc, your facility could save $400-$600 per provider on printing, copying, faxing, paper, and postage. Then you can reallocate that money toward equipment, hiring, and patient care.

Reduce risk

With Ready Doc, you don’t have to worry about losing compliance. We’ll send you automatic expiration reminders, so no one falls behind, and put a timestamp on credential documents, so they’re up-to-date and safe from bad actors. True peace of mind.

How Ready DocTM Works

A provider’s important credentials are uploaded to Ready Doc’s permissive ledger, allowing facility staff, practice managers, and CVOs can use our privileging tools to review and share these documents and applications.

Credentials are verified by the first practice who sees them.

A unique timestamp is generated each time a document is uploaded, using a consensus algorithm to ensure these important documents don’t get tampered with. This allows credentials to only have to be verified one time, allowing instant verification for each subsequent practice.

What Ready Doc offers

DLT-based credentialing

Ready Doc’s hashgraph distributed ledger technology (DLT) speeds up the credentialing process from months to minutes by creating a unique timestamp every time a credentialing document is uploaded. This ensures the document is up-to-date, unaltered, and only has to be verified once.

Automatic expiration reminders

We send out automatic emails notifying you and your providers about upcoming credential expirations, at whatever timeframe you select to receive them. This helps you stay compliant. Plus, if a provider’s credentials expire, any mistake they make during this time may not be covered by malpractice insurance. With Ready Doc, you don’t have to worry about that happening.

Provider management

Ready Doc lets you manage all of your providers in one place with a single click. That includes notifying them of expiring credentials, reminding them to upload required documents to the platform, and having the choice between custom messages and automated messages.

OIG monitoring

Make sure your providers are truly ready for work with OIG Exclusions Monitoring. With a single click, you can check the current status of a provider’s OIG report, verifying instantly that they have no reported issues. This gives you time back in your day for other important matters.

Credential packaging

Easily transfer various credentials into your own database or send them to another facility by digitally packaging them. It’s easy: You individually manage credentials within the Ready Doc platform and then select which ones you want to put into a folder to be sent out.

Provider Credentialing FAQ

What is the definition of Medical credentialing?

The definition of medical credentialing is the process of reviewing licensed health professionals’ qualifications to ensure they have the required training and experience to effectively and safely practice medicine. These provider credentialing requirements include education, licenses, specialty certificates, training, and residency. This must be completed every time a provider starts at a new practice or moves to a new state. Then providers must complete payer applications to enroll with insurance plans and be granted privileges to perform specific procedures. After all that’s done, providers can finally start work.

How long does it take to get credentialed?

How long it takes to credential a provider can greatly vary. It depends on: the provider turning in all the necessary paperwork in a timely manner; their application information being accurate and complete; their references swiftly responding to verification requests; and the board being available to meet. If none of these things are delayed, credentialing can be done within weeks. If one or more are delayed, it can take up to six months. With Ready Doc, though, the whole process can be done in a matter of minutes, thanks to our hashgraph technology allowing documents to not have to be verified more than one time—eliminating a redundancy that costs providers months of lost income and practices millions in lost revenue.

What are the requirements for credentialing a provider?

After the practitioner has been cleared for credentialing, the typical practice follows the following steps to credential them:

  • Give them instructions and required documents, such as an NPBD self-query
  • Send their completed CV and application to the malpractice provider, initiating coverage
  • Begin the IT login credentialing process flow
  • Send the practitioner’s name, license number, and NPI to lab and radiology
  • Check important sanctions with the Office of Inspector General (OIG)
  • Start background check application and American Medical Association (AMA) verification
  • Finish collecting paperwork from the practitioner
  • Schedule a meeting with the credentialing board directors
  • Get charting and delineation of privileges reviewed and approved
  • Create an appointment letter for a two-year period

Does Intiva Health offer credentialing services?

No. Intiva Health is not a CVO (Credential Verification Organization). Like CAQH (Council for Affordable Quality Healthcare), we’re a useful tool along the way, but we don’t actually offer credentialing services. We’re a credential management platform that lets you organize, share, and manage credentials in a fast, secure way.

Does Intiva Health offer provider enrollment for insurance plans?

Not yet. We have relationships with payers and are in the process of developing this capability.

How is credential management different from credentialing?

Intiva Health offers credential management services, where we help make the credentialing process easier for you, from giving you a central place to upload and share credential documents to speeding up the verification process from months to minutes. Credentialing is the actual process we’re helping you with, but we don’t do it for you like a CVO. This allows you to have control over these services while letting us keep it completely free.

How much does Ready Doc cost?

Not a single dime. Ready Doc is completely free for both licensed providers and medical facilities. It will always be free too, setting us apart from other credential management services.